Practice Schedule for High School Band Members

Practice Schedule for High School Band Members

Monday Night Rehearsal – 6pm-8pm every Monday Night
(Except if there is no school on that day)
Monday – French Horn 3:30-4:00, Guard 4:00-5:30
Tuesday – Tuba 3:45-4:15, Sax 4:00-4:45
Wednesday – Low WW/Baritone 3:45-4:15, Clarinet 4:00-4:45
Thursday – Trombone 3:45-4:15, Flute 4:00-4:45
Friday – Trumpet 3:45-4:15

Percussion –
Tuesday – Front Ensemble 3:45-4:45, Battery 6:30-7:30
Friday – Football Games. Band Hall will be open after school. Departure times will vary based on the location of the games.

There may be an extra practice called on a Fair Day or on a Saturday before the UIL Contest. This will only be done if necessary at the discretion of Mr. Polk. Prior notice will be given to the students and posted on the Band web page. Parents can sign up for email notification and receive updates from the web page.

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