All-Region Clinic and Concert Information

***** This is for students making the All-region Band.

INFO for ATSSB All-Region Clinic and Concert


Friday, January 20

8:30 Depart for Canton

-Drive Time

9:30-11:45 MS morning rehearsal

9:30-12:00 HS morning rehearsal

-Lunch (bring $10)

1:30-4:30 MS afternoon rehearsal

1:30-5:00 HS afternoon rehearsal with a definite break 3:20-3:45 for Concert band (allows our students into band hall for personal items)

5:15 Depart for Kemp


Saturday, January 21

8:00 Depart for Canton

-Drive Time

9:00-12:00 Rehearsal for all students and meeting for directors (HS)

12:00-12:45 MS Lunch provided by region

12:00-1:00 HS Lunch provided by region and change into concert attire

12:45-1:15 MS changes into concert attire

1:15-1:30 MS students move to HS and gather in Commons area

1:00-1:30  HS rehearsal (switch locations as usual)

1:40 MS Concert band on stage, MS Symphonic band in large band hall, and HS students report to auditorium

2:00 Concert starts with one band on stage and the next band in the large band hall warming up



Students will be riding home with Parents following the concert.


Concert Schedule: 

2:00 MS Concert                3:00 HS Concert
2:30 MS Symphonic            3:30 HS Symphonic




Please contact us with any questions.


Jimmy Polk – (903)340-1085

Marc Christy – (903) 802-0515

Carrie Norwood – (817) 613-6684


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