2013 Percussion audition results

Thank you to all the percussionist who auditioned today. Your hard work has definetly made it hard on me to set this next year’s line. We are adding a snare and a bass this year too. Please rest up over the summer and recharge those batteries. You will be getting music in the mail from me later this summer. We wil plan on coming in a couple of days during July in sections to get a head start.

Here are the results. S=Snare, T=Tenor, B=Bass, FE=Front Ensemble

S1 Mason Hyde (Snare Lead)
S2 Kyle Keathley
S3 Zach Carrington
S4 Jesse Morton

T1 Drake Barnica (Drum Captain)
T2 Lauren Baumgartner

B1 Audra Jonas
B2 Beau Dancer
B3 Rhonda Harper
B4 Colton Delaney
B5 Klayton Kent (Bass Lead)

FE1 Kari Mast (Front Ensemble Lead)
FE2 Abigail Bell
FE3 Kim Gardner
FE4 Mackenzie Zajac
FE5 Amanda Sparks
FE6 Hannah Hosch
FE7 Alec Cooper (Timpani)

Congrats again to all! You make me very proud!
Mr. C

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