November 1, 2013


*In Winnsboro*


8:45am                 Load Brass and Woodwind Instruments
3:45pm                 Loading Crew Percussion finish loading Trailer
4:15pm                 Report to HS Band Hall, Finish Loading
4:45pm                 Load Buses and Depart for Winnsboro (take uniform on bus)
                                (Band Shirt, Shorts, LONG BLACK Socks, Marching Shoes, Hat!)
6:20pm                 Arrive in Winnsboro, Unload Equipment, Get dressed in uniform
6:45pm                 Line up and enter Stadium for set up and warm up
7:15pm                 School Song and Fight Song
7:30pm                 Kick Off
8:30pm                 Half Time
10:15pm               End of Game, Load Equipment, Hang Coats only
10:45pm               Depart for Kemp ISD
12:30am               Arrive in Kemp, Unload Equipment, Go Home!
Make sure your RIDE is at Kemp HS no later than 12:30am.  This is a late night for EVERYONE!

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