Band Fundraiser!

On Thursday, January 30 thru Monday, February 10 we will be having a Kemp Band Fundraiser.  This will be for all Band students grades 6-12.

We have partnered with ES Fundraising to provide an excellent opportunity for our students.  They will be provided with Oberto Jerky Cards.  Each card will sell for $20 and will allow the buyer to choose TWO bags of some REALLY good Jerky from .  As soon as the buyer redeems their card on the website, the Jerky will be mailed directly to them!  No student deliveries!

For the students…

Every student that sells 2 cards will get a “big ole’ ” handful of sugar filled candy!  🙂

Every student that sells 3 or more cards will get ONE FREE Jerky Card good for two bags of Jerky (and a “big ole’ ” handful of candy!)

Finally… IF the Band Program sells over 900 cards, each student who sold 2 or more cards will be entered in a DRAWING for a XBOX 360 OR 7″ TABLET!!!!!!  The more cards they sell, the more chances they get!

All Prizes will be given Wednesday, February 19

SO… HELP THE BAND KIDS!!!!  And have some fun in the process!!

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