Junior High All-Region Band

Congratulations to the following student for making the All-Region Band last Tuesday, January 7th. This is the largest group Kemp Junior High has ever had to make the band.  We are so proud of the hard work these students have put  forth!

Evelyn Mireles, 3rd chair Symphonic Band
Valeria Lira, 7th chair Symphonic Band
Kamryn Lewis, 8th chair Symphonic Band
Kaden McSpedden, 1st chair Concert Band
Andrea Beasley, 3rd chair Concert Band

Edgar Lujan, 5th chair Concert Band
Kasey Cockrell, 6th chair Concert Band
Ariana McDonald, 11th chair Concert Band
Camron Elliott, 13th chair Concert Band

Bass Clarinet
Alex Glass 2nd chair Symphonic Band
Makayla Ragsdale, 2nd chair Concert Band

Alto Sax
Laynee Tanksley 3rd chair Concert Band

Donna Hyde, 2nd chair Symphonic Band
Kassie Mast, 6th chair Concert Band
Richard Lowrie, 8th chair Concert Band
Hunter Davis, 11th chair Concert Band

Jordan Rabon, 4th chair Symphonic Band

Tyler Truitt, 5th chair Symphonic Band
Shane Hughes, 2nd chair Concert Band
Denise Gamino, 6th chair Concert Band

Luis Garcia, 5th chair Concert Band 5

Ryan Crow , 3rd chair Symphonic Band
Jesus Ramirez, 5th chair Symphonic Band
Dylan Taylor, 4th chair Concert Band

These students will be attending the ATSSB Region 3 Clinic and Concert on January 24-25th. Please click on this link Clinic and Concert JH Info  for the schedule. Again, congratulations to all these students!

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