CONGRATS AT UIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And…Homecoming information…and grades

Congrats Kemp High School Band!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will go through judges sheets, video and comments in the morning. Thank you for all of your hard work since the beginning of August. All of your efforts do pay off. You have taken the first step to earning another sweepstakes for your band.

This is still a busy week for us so pay attention to this information…all of the following are required performances for the band.

Tomorrow is the Homecoming Bonfire. We will need to meet at the band hall at 8:15pm. We will march around to the fire pit to do our part with all the other organizations. AND…we have business of our own at the end. 😉 We should be done around 9:30pm.

Friday is Homecoming day. We will go outside in the morning for a run-through of the show and come back in to work on stand tunes. At 1:00pm that afternoon, you will be dismissed from class to come get ready for the 2:00pm District pep rally. That will be done sometime after 3:00pm. We will then meet back at the band hall at 5:00pm to get ready for the game. Pre-game activities start at 6:00pm. Elkhart’s band will march at 7:00pm before the game starts so we will be first up at half-time. Homecoming court will follow right after. Game will be done around 10:00ish.

Saturday is the Homecoming Parade. We will need to meet at the band hall at 1:00pm to get dressed and drive over to Intermediate to get ready. The parade will start at 2:00pm. We should be through and back at the band hall by around 3:00pm.

Remember that 9 weeks final grades happen this week. Passing all of your class will make you eligible for the rest of the semester. Please make sure you make up any tests, turn in all pieces of work with your classes and double check with your teachers that you are squared up in their class.

Again, GREAT JOB TODAY! We’ll see ya soon.
Mr. C

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