Congratulations to the Junior High School All-Region Students!

Last night, Kemp Junior High competed at the ATSSB Region 3 All-Region Auditions. There were over 600 students from all over the region that competed for 150 coveted spots in the All-Region Band. Kemp had 60 students that auditioned, and 15 made the Band. We are very proud of the students that went last night, and to the students that made the band. Way to represent Kemp Junior High!

Evelyn Mireles – Symphonic Band, 1st Chair
Valeria Lira – Symphonic Band, 4th Chair
Deisy Galindo – Symphonic Band, 5th Chair
Kamryn Lewis – Concert Band, 3rd Chair
Andrea Beasley – Concert Band, 8th Chair
* Lilia Fonseca – 2nd Alternate

Alicia Dennis – Concert Band, 10th Chair
Bailey Burke – Concert Band, 15th Chair

Bass Clarinets
Rexx Claxton -Symphonic Band, 2nd Chair
Macey Carder – Concert Band, 1st Chair
* Colby Starnes – 1st Alternate

Madison Duncan – Concert Band, 11st Chair
Mikey Pavatt – Concert Band, 13th Chair

French Horn
*Matthew Floyd – 2nd Alternate

Denise Gamino – Symphonic Band, 6th Chair
Luis Soto – Concert Band, 6th Chair

Ryan Crow – Symphonic Band, 1st Chair
Devon Roberts – Concert Band, 5th Chair

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