Kemp Band Students results at Regional Solo and Ensemble competition on Feb 7th

Kemp High School (and one Junior High) band students competed in the UIL regional solo and ensemble competition this past Saturday at Mesquite High School. We had 50 students that participated. The contest is divided up by class. Class 3 entries being the easiest, Class 2 entries are medium difficult and Class 1 entries are the most challenging selections to perform. Students are rated on their performance using the scale of Division 1 through 5 with the Division 1 being the highest/best possible rating.

Here is a list of those that placed and advanced. We are very proud of all those who participated and are very excited that we have 24 of these young musicians advancing to the State Level of competition in May. Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work and success.


Class 3 Division 1 recipients

Jaylin Contreras-Flute-Freshman

Savannah Henderson-Flute-Freshman

Veronica Herrera-Flute-Freshman

Ariana McDonald-Clarinet-Freshman

Harlie Tarno-Clarinet-Freshman

Kassie Mast-Trumpet-Freshman

Class 2 Division 1 recipients

Kaden McSpedden-Flute-Freshman

Allison Kent-Clarinet-Sophomore

Karen Quezada-Alto Sax-Sophomore

Justin Tyler-Alto Sax-Freshman

Class 1 Division 1 recipients

Ryder Busby-Clarinet-Senior

Donna Hyde-Trumpet-Freshman

Cameron Polk-French Horn-Senior

Emily Kelley-Tuba-Senior

Amanda Sparks-Percussion-Sophomore

Ryder Busby and Cameron Polk performed their solos completely from memory. They advance to the State Level!


Class 1 Division 1 recipients

Flute Trio

Alyssa Fisher-Sophomore

Jenafer Matich-Junior

Kaden McSpedden-Freshman

Clarinet Quintet

Ryder Busby-Clarinet-Senior

Austin Dennie-Clarinet-Senior

Kasey Cockrell-Clarinet-Freshman

Camron Elliott-Alto Clarinet-Freshman

Alex Glass-Bass Clarinet-Freshman

Brass Ensemble

Rebeca Galvez-Trumpet-Sophomore

Donna Hyde-Trumpet-Freshman

Cameron Polk-Eb Horn-Senior

Wyatt Bynum-Trombone-Sophomore

Jordon Rabon-French Horn-Freshman

Justin Glass-Trombone-Junior

Sly Blankenship-Trombone-Senior

Emily Kelley-Tuba-Senior

Percussion Ensemble

Dilan Tanner-Senior

Amanda Sparks-Sophomore

Malia Cantrell-Freshman

Mason Hyde-Senior

Maria Mireles-8th grade

Beau Dancer-Junior

Kyle Keathley-Junior

Rhonda Harper-Sophmore

These 4 groups also advance to the State Level!

Congrats again to all for representing Kemp Schools extremely well!

  1. #1 by Judy Gray on February 10, 2015 - 2:34 pm

    Congratulations to all of the band students…Way to go

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