7th and 8th Grade Sandy Lake Trip

The eligible band members in 7th and 8th grade will be traveling and performing at the Sandy Lake Funfest Contest next Monday, April 17th. Students need to wear band shirt, jeans, and closed toed shoes. They also will need to bring money for rides, food, etc. Students are responsible for their lunch the day of Sandy Lake. They can either order a sack lunch from the cafeteria, bring a lunch from home, or purchase a lunch at Sandy Lake. Parents are welcome to attend this trip! Parents coming will need to obtain a visitor’s badge from the Junior High front office and also pay the $2 admission fee into Sandy Lake. The schedule for the day is listed below. Please note that students will return to school AFTER the buses have run, so students are responsible for a ride home from Kemp Junior High at 4pm. For any questions, please call Mrs. Norwood @ 613-6684

8:00am – Students report to the junior high band hall for 1st period, wearing band shirt

8:30am – Load trailer/leave Kemp

10:00am – Arrive at Sandy Lake/FREE TIME/LUNCH

12:00pm – Symphonic Band meets at Band Trailer to unload their instruments

12:30pm – Symphonic Band warm-up

1:00pm – Symphonic Band performs

1:30pm – Honor Band meets at Band Trailer to unload their instruments

2:00pm – Honor Band warm – up/ Symphonic Band meet at Awards Tent

2:30pm – Honor Band performs


4:00pm – Arrive back at Kemp Junior HIgh

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