High School All-Region Audition Results

Members of the High School Band competed in the A.T.S.S.B. Region 3 All-Region Band Competition.  The students prepare selected music to play for a blind panel of judges.  Only a few are selected to a position in one of two All-Region bands.  If a student scores high enough, they advance to the Area level and then on to the State Level is they are in the top percentage in that competition.  Region 3 is comprised of about 22 school districts from classifications 1A through 4A.
Here are the results from Kemp High School Band.
Evelyn Mireles, 4th alternate
Kaden McSpedden, 5th alternate
Morgan Acuna, 11th chair-Concert Band
Ariana McDonald, 4th alternate
Bass Clarinets
Camron Elliott, 4th chair-Concert Band-3A AREA QUALIFIER
(Camron also auditioned on Alto Clarinet and qualified for AREA as well. He is given the choice to pick the instrument in which he advances.  He went the bass clarinet route.)
Maricruz Villanueva, 2nd alternate
Donna Hyde, 5th chair-Concert Band-1st alternate to AREA
French Horns
Matt Gilbert, 2nd chair-Concert Band-3A AREA QUALIFIER
Jordan Rabon, 3rd chair-Concert Band-3A AREA QUALIFIER
Justin Glass, 6th chair-Symphonic Band-3A AREA QUALIFIER
Lucas Acuna, 6th chair-Concert Band
Denise Gamino, 4th alternate
Stephen Duvall, 2 chair-Concert Band-3A AREA QUALIFIER
Jesus Ramirez, 6th chair-Concert Band
Please join me in giving a large congratulations to those that made the bands.  Please give a LARGE congrats to those that are advancing to the ALL-AREA competition this January.  Great job to all the students who participated.
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