All-Region Band this weekend

The following students will be leaving at the start of 2nd period this Friday to attend the All-Region Band Clinic in Canton and will return to Kemp by 6:00pm.  They will then leave again on Saturday at 8:00am.  We will provide transportation to and from, however we would like to invite the parents, family and friends to the final concerts on Saturday so they can see and hear all their child has accomplished on this special occasion.  They would then ride home with the family to celebrate!
Please congratulate the students once again for a fine job of preparing their music and earning a spot in the All-Region Band.  This is a great and rare honor for these students and we are very proud of them!
High School Students
Morgan Acuna
Camron Elliott
Donna Hyde
Matthew Gilbert
Jordan Rabon
Justin Glass
Lucas Acuna
Stephen Duvall
Jesus Ramirez
Junior High Students
Deisy Galindo
Arlette Contreras
Rene Cox
Christian Sain
David Sparks
Students will need some money for food/snacks.  They may wear regular school clothes for the rehearsals.  HS students will wear concert black uniforms for their performance.  JH students will need to bring a set of nice dress clothes for their performance on stage.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Below is the schedule.
2015-2016 REGION CLINIC AND CONCERTClinic Dates:   January 22-23, 2016
Clinic Site: Canton High School.

Questions regarding the clinic should be directed to Mike Bartley .

  FRIDAY – 1/22/2016
10:00-12:00 – MS Rehearsal
10:00-12:00 – HS Rehearsal
12:00-1:45 – MS Lunch (On Your Own)
12:00-2:00 – HS Lunch – (On Your Own)
1:45-4:45 – MS Rehearsal
2:00-5:00- HS Rehearsal

SATURDAY – 1/23/2016
9:00-12:00 – MS/HS Rehearsal 
(HS Concert Band on Stage/HS Symphonic Band in Band Hall)
9:15 – 
Meeting for Directors
 in HS Small Band Hall



12:00-12:30 – MS Lunch provided by region

12:30 – MS Change into Concert Attire
1:00 – MS Bus to HS for Concerts and gather in Commons area
12:00-1:00 HS Lunch provided by region
1:00 – HS Change into Concert Attire
1:30 – HS Report to Auditorium
1:30 MS Concert band on stage, MS Symphonic band in large band hall

2:00 – MS Concert Band Concert (MS Symphonic Band in Warm-Up)
2:30 – MS Symphonic Band Concert (HS Concert Band in Warm-Up)
3:00 – HS Concert Band Concert (HS Symphonic Band in Warm-Up)
3:30 – HS Symphonic Band Concert
The MS bands will rehearse at the MS (Symphonic Band in the MS Band Hall, Concert Band in the MS Choir Hall).  
The HS bands will rehearse at the HS (Symphonic Band on the Stage, Concert Band in the HS Band Hall).  
Please have your HS students wear their band uniform for the concert and please require your MS students to wear dress clothes.  We do not want t-shirts and blue jeans as concert dress. 
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