Kadie Lynn Roberson Parade Info

For those having trouble with the survey link on your phone, here it is…


Here is the info I sent on remind…

Details of the Katie Lynn Roberson’s parade are as follows. We will meet at the high school band hall at 1:30pm on Thursday June 30th.

This will allow us time to pass out the new t-shirts and shorts that are being made for us. We will change and then get out instruments.

We will practice parade marching with the fight song and drum cadences with those that are there. We will then load up at 3:30 and head out.

The parade starts at 5pm. It will be very hot. Be hydrated and bring sunscreen. The route starts near Lowe’s & goes up by ETMC to a building

Afterwards is a little foggy atm. There are some presentations around 6 and then a concert around 7. We are planning to stay for the concert

Parents may sign students out with a director if they wish before all of that. Per school policy, it must be a parent that signs you out.

We are currently planning to head back to Kemp around 8pm. T-shirts you can keep but you will turn in the shorts. Wear Tennis shoes only.

Please fill out this short survey so we know who is coming or not.


Contact Mr C with questions via a text, email or phone call. Let have a great showing and a good time!

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