Great Compliments and video from Friday

We had a good run this Friday on a wild and strange Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse evening. There were several compliments from folks that I wanted to share that make us very proud.

A band parent from Maypearl expressed how impressed she was with our student’s behavior. She sighted how polite and supporting our band members were towards their band as they were about to take the field.  This is an extension of our concept of being a Classy Organization.  People DO take notice how we act and in turn shows that we are a highly respectful group.  That is an HONOR to us and you should be proud to have it bestowed upon our band.

Mr. Edwards, our superintendent, along with several of our parents also heard comments from multiple Maypearl folks in their stands and press box.  Their community members expressed out loud how they were impressed with what they saw from our performance. One compliment in particular was “best visiting band we have seen here in 10 years!” Even their band director, Mr. Dees,  chimed in to say “what a great sound your band has.”

The “CULTURE OF EXCELLENCE” continues.  Keep working hard these next few weeks as contests approach.  Continue to strive for high achievement.  Be the best band you can be.  Lets get ready for another strong week as we continue to finish learning the show.

Thank you to the band boosters, administration, staff, board members and community for all the support you have given this great group of students.  Congrats to our athletic programs as they have continued success as well!  It’s a great time for Kemp!

Monday night rehearsal from 6:00 to 8:30pm tomorrow.  Home game Friday.  Check the calendar under the HS Band tab for all of the upcoming dates.

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