Itinerary for Sept 30-Oct 1. First Contests of the year this Saturday.

Friday Sept 30.  Bye-Week…No FB Game.

We will practice after school for a while.  As soon as cars clear, we will go out to the parking lot to do some quick runs of the show, then we will come inside and do music sectionals until about 5:00pm.

Saturday Oct 1.  First Contests in Sunnyvale and Mesquite…and maybe Sunnyvale again.

Doors to the band hall will open up at 7:00am.  Practice will start at 7:30am.  We will do a couple of run throughs on the turf before we pack up, get dressed, pick up sack lunches and head out by about 8:45am for Sunnyvale High School.

10:45am warm up

11:30am performance

As soon as we are done with the performance, we will load back up quickly, eat our sack lunches along the way as we head over to Mesquite Memorial Stadium.  We will then unload and get ready for that contest run.

1:25pm warm up

2:15 performance

After that, we will load back up again and wait for Mesquite 3A results.  We will then plan on heading out to CC’s pizza (our tradition) for a quick dinner as we wait for results from Sunnyvale.  If we do not make finals at Sunnyvale, we will head home after dinner.

If we have made the finals from that contest, we’ll return to march our finals spot which will be anywhere from 6:00pm-9:00pm (it’s a random draw).  We’ll keep parents informed via REMIND.

We will update the website with any changes and post via REMIND.

Good Luck Band!

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