Cowboy Stadium trip

The following list are the students who qualified for the special trip:

JT Spears

Kaitlyn Gafford

Elizabeth Lewis

Landin Weeks

Joshua Davis

Lez Hernandez

Dusty Holstien

Skyler Kilgore

Sterling Miller

Ryan Dlabej

Tenilee Anthony

Bryson Ashcraft

Brandon Mcdougald

Kcariss Claxton

Paul Ebbert

Marlen Hernandez

Elijah Franklin

Araceli Cruz

Brayden cornelison

Joshua Jones

Aaron Quezada

Fisher Davis

Joel Becerra

Brady Griffin

Robbie Feldt

Micah Miller

Brooklyn Campbell

Brayden Gibbons

Jeremy Simon

Cheyenne Barnes

Jacob Hawkins

Tyler Lacy

Devin Judkins

Eli Tackett

Connie Jones

Jared Minzenmayer

Joshua Floyd

Kaylan Reed

Ethan Carrizales

Alex Gonzalez

Luke Teer

You must be eligible and I will speak to each of you and let you know if you are eligible on Monday.

We will leave at the beginning of 3rd period on Tuesday, December 6th. You must have a packed lunch, concession stands will not be open. We will return before the school day is over.




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