Please read message from Kemp Administration

Please read this letter from administration.  There is more detail to come which pertains to us…that info is coming soon.




Kemp High School

February 15, 2017


KHS Students, Parents, and Community,


Due to increases in traffic for dropping off and picking up students at KHS, we will be initiating the following procedures to insure student safety:


  1. Students will only be dropped off and picked up in the “loading/unloading zone” of the front entrance of the KHS campus.  This allows students to be under the cover of the porch and safely wait for their ride to pull up.
  2. Students who walk to and from school and who live in the township of Kemp can ride bus 9 to and from KHS in the mornings and afternoons.  This bus shuttles from the Kemp Intermediate School to Kemp High School in the morning and from Kemp High School to Kemp Intermediate School each afternoon.  Check with the KISD Transportation Department for arrival and departure times.
  3. Walkers from KHS in the afternoon will not be allowed to leave campus and cross 274 (always via the crosswalk) until the traffic has cleared each afternoon.  This will be at least 3:50 but could be as late as 4:00.  On good weather days these students may wait on the front porch of KHS.  On bad weather days they may remain seated in the cafeteria until given the “all clear” to use the crosswalk on 274.


As we work through this new process we ask that you help us reinforce these rules and guidelines with your child.  Our number one concern is for their safety.  If they fail to follow these guidelines discipline consequences will follow.


We will continue to work on additional ways to make the traffic entrance and exit as smooth as possible for our students and our parents.  Be patient with us and with each other as you sit in your vehicle and wait to drop off/pick up your child.  Together we can assure our students, your children, are kept safe.


Address questions to 903.498.9222.


Marietta Maxwell

KHS Principal


Phil Edwards

KISD Superintendent

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