Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest Results

We are very proud of our 40 students that participated in the TSSEC over memorial weekend.  It was very nice to have such a large number of our band students qualify to the state level.  Congrats to…

Lucas Acuña, Andrea Beasley, Kasey Beauchamp, Joe Becerra, Kaytlin Beck, Abbigail Bynum, Wyatt Bynum, Patricia Castro, Jaylin Contreras, Stephen Duvall, Matt Floyd, Rebeca Galvez, Matt Gilbert, Alex Glass, Alex Gonzalez, Rhonda Harper, Savannah Henderson, Veronica Herrera, Case Huckaby, Donna Hyde, Savannah Jones, Kason McDougald, Erica McGill, Kaden McSpedden, Hunter Miles, Evelyn Mireles, Maria Mireles, Dalton Powell, Jordan Rabon, Jesus Ramirez, Brittany Sehion, Amanda Sparks, JT Spears, Alex Tanner, Savannah Thompson, Chloe Treadaway, Justin Tyler, Maricruz Villanueva, Zach Wilson.

A HUGE congrats needs to go to the Percussion Ensemble for earning a Division One on their performance of Viennese Musical Clock!  We are very proud of you!  Congratulations!

High School members-Rhonda Harper, Amanda Sparks, Savannah Jones, Erica McGill, Alex Tanner, Joe Becerra, Maria Mireles, Brittany Sehion and Chloe Treadaway.

Junior High members-Alex Gonzalez, JT Spears and Case Huckabay


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