Friday the 22nd and Saturday the 23rd

The game for this Friday is at home.

The band hall will be open right after school for sectionals and individual practice. Be ready in your band shirt and band shorts. Bring your $5 for your meal deal if you haven’t already. We’ll start full band rehearsal at 4:45. Trooping will begin around 6:45pm. Game starts at 7:30pm. Halftime around 8:15-8:45. Game ends around 10:00-10:30pm. Students need to put away uniform, equipment and clean the band hall before they leave. Please be ready to pick up students in the front of the high school.


Saturday the 23rd is for percussion, drum majors and pit crew. This will be at Wills Point high school. Wear your band shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes. Bring 6 dollars for meal deal and/or other money for foods and merchandise.

2:00pm report to band hall

4:00pm load and depart

5:00pm arrive and unload

5:45pm warm up

6:45pm performance

7:00pm load trailer and watch performances

8:50pm awards

9:30 depart for Kemp

10:30pm arrive home, unload and go home

We will post adjusted times on Remind


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