Get ready for tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Quick guide for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


  1. Pack a small overnight bag, like a back pack or a small duffel bag. This is all you will have room for on the bus. Put your band show shirt, shorts and a pair of black socks in this bag-that way they will be clean for Saturday. Pack also a pair of jeans, under garments, bed time clothes, cold weather gear (sweats, coat, thermals, gloves, hat, etc.) and toiletries for one night. Toiletries are things like shampoo, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, etc. There will be no time or room for gaming consoles, guitars, digeridoos, etc.
  2. You will need to wear some other Kemp shirt and Shorts and black socks for Friday when you arrive to school. We will wear this under our uniform for the game. Seniors, make sure you have what you need for Senior recognition.
  3. We will do halftime first before Life Oak. Drill team does their thing then we go on. After our show we will announce Beau and Sweetheart then recognize our Seniors. We’ll come off the field, send loading crew, pit crew and percussion to the band hall to start packing the trailer while we watch Life Oak. Then we all head back (drill/band people included), pack up our instruments and uniforms, eat our meal deals and load the bus to head out.
  4. When we arrive at our 2 hotels, you will take your back pack and uniform off the bus (keep your hat on the bus under your seat), get your room keys, go to your rooms, get showers out of the way and get to bed. GO TO SLEEP RIGHT AWAY!!! There will be security guards on our floors throughout the night. Your rooming list was premade for our convenience. No arguments about who you are with and no changes…you are just there to sleep. Suck it up.
  5. You need to be up and ready to go by 6:00am dressed in your band show shirt, shorts, black socks, BIBBERS, band shoes and thermals if you brought some (I recommend you have some). Bring your uniform bag and back pack down to the breakfast area to eat, then we will load buses to head to the stadium. From there, follow your itinerary.
  6. Stay positive, be excited, have energy to make a great 1st impression that will last with the judges all day long! Transcend!

And the itinerary once again…uil area marching contest itinerary 2017


UIL AREA Marching Contest Itinerary

C.H. Collins Athletic Complex

1500 Long Road

Denton, TX 76207


Because of the early performance time we have on Saturday and the distance of travel to the competition site, this is the plan we will follow.


Friday morning, students will need to arrive to morning practice with your back pack or small bag for Saturday. It needs to include your toiletries, band shirt, band shorts, black socks, bed time apparel, jeans, cold weather needs (gloves, jacket, sweats, hat, etc.) Nothing else…there will not be time for gaming consoles, or other extra items as we will not have any time for these things.

We will go through our normal routine up through halftime of the football game. After we march halftime we will come back to the band hall where we will pack up your uniform and equipment. We will eat our meal deal and then load the bus to head to Denton.

We are staying in two hotels in Denton. La Quinta and Holiday Inn right on I-35. The girls will be staying in the La Quinta with Miss Delgado and band booster parents. The boys will be staying in Holiday Inn Express with the male staff and band booster parents.

We will perform in the morning and then head to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco for a few hours to eat lunch and relax. Students will be given a per diem for lunch of $8.00 but we encourage extra money be brought. Afterwards we’ll head back to catch the last few bands before finals are announced. We will stay through finals as either participants or spectators before heading home and arriving late back to Kemp. Good luck band!


4:30pm                 Arrive at band hall for dress out and rehearsal

6:15pm                 Move to field

7:30pm                 Game start

8:30pm                 Halftime performance/senior recognition/beau & sweetheart

9:00pm                 Return to band hall to pack uniform/equipment, load trailer, eat meal deal, load busses, depart

12:00am               Arrive at hotels in Denton, check in to rooms and go to sleep.

6:00am                 Wake up, get dressed in band shirt & shorts/bibbers/black socks/band shoes, pack your bag, check out of room and eat breakfast (hotel provided)

7:00am                 Load busses and depart for C.H. Collins Stadium

7:30am                 Arrive, unload equipment, put on uniform tops/hats

8:30am                 Move to warm-up area

8:50am                 Warm-up

9:20am                 Move to staging area

9:30am                 PERFORM

10:00am               Load the trailer, change out of uniform, load busses, depart for Stonebriar

11:00am               Lunch at Stonebriar mall/shop

2:30pm                 Load busses-Return to the stadium

3:30pm                 Move to stadium to watch Area Band Performances

5:30pm                 Drum Major Retreat and Prelim Results

6:00pm                 Pizza Dinner provided by Band Boosters at the trailer/busses


Finals schedule will be determined after Prelim Results


7:30pm                 Finals Begin

10:00pm               Finals Results – Top 4 Bands will go to State UIL

10:30pm               Depart for Kemp

12:45am               Arrive in Kemp.  Unload and properly put away all equipment and uniforms


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