MS All-Region Auditions

Middle School All Region Auditions are tomorrow at Ferris High School. Participant lists are attached to this post. Only eligible students are allowed to participate in All Region Auditions. All the students listed are currently eligible and were asked to get any work they may owe any of their teachers.

Day of Auditions:

**All directors will be judging and should only be contacted in case of emergency**

**Students will be monitored by parent chaperones while auditions take place**

**Students need to wear their Kemp Band Polo and blue jeans**


11:15am– Students dismissed from class to eat “A” lunch

Noon- Depart for Ferris High School

Address: 1025 E. 8 th St., Ferris, TX 75125

2:30pm– Auditions Begin

Each student auditions at different times and will be given a random number and letter to identify them at the audition.

9:00pmish– Return to Kemp and pick up students at the Junior High Cafeteria

**Arrival time is estimated and is subject to change**


**Please sign up for Remind101 to receive updates as the day progresses**

Text to the number: 81010

Symphonic/Concert Band: @kempband3

Honor Band: @kempband2

**If you have any questions please contact us via email or at the band hall office**

MS All Region Participants – 7th Grade

MS All Region Participants – 8th Grade

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