HS All-region results from Mabank Monday Dec 4th

Kemp High School Band students had a great showing! We had several make one of the AllRegion Bands.  These students will be traveling to Canton in January to be a part of one of the greatest region bands in the state.  Please congratulate these students on a very fine job.
Kaden McSpedden-1st Chair Concert Band-Flute
Alex Glass-2nd chair Concert Band-Bass Clarinet
Donna Hyde-4th chair Symphonic Band-Trumpet
Jordan Rabon-1st chair Concert Band-French Horn
Matt Gilbert-3rd chair Concert Band-French Horn
Ali Alcasey-3rd chair Symphonic Band-Trombone
Esteban Ramirez-5th chair Concert Band-Baritone
Stephen Duvall-2nd chair Symphonic Band-Tuba
David Sparks-3rd chair Concert Band-Tuba
In addition…
Kaden McSpedden, Alex Glass, Donna Hyde, Jordan Rabon, Matt Gilbert, Ali Alcasey, Esteban Ramirez and Stephen Duvall will be representing Kemp High School at the AREA LEVEL (all of North Texas) in January at Argyle.
These students will be gunning for a chance to advance to the All-State Band in February down in San Antonio.
Please give all our kiddos a huge pat on the back for a GREAT showing for Kemp HS!
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