7th/8th Grade UIL Contest- March 27th

The 7th and 8th Grade band members will be travelling to Canton High School this Wednesday, March 27th to compete at UIL Concert and Sightreading Contest. Only eligible students will be travelling with us. 7th grade will be competing in the morning and 8th grade will compete in the afternoon. Please check the appropriate list for the students that will be out at each designated time. This is a required event and will count as a test grade. Ineligible students will be completing an alternate assignment in order to fulfill this grade.

*All students must be wearing their Orange Band Polo, Black pants/black jeans, and closed-toed shoes. We cannot afford to leave anyone behind due to not wearing the proper attire.
7th Grade Band
Students will be called out of class at 8:15 am and return by the end of 4th period in order to make their designated lunch period.
7th Grade Band
1 Aguilar Nathan 20 Holstien Jayden
2 Ascencio Maria 21 Horton Trey
3 Barnett Danica 22 Jordan Jayci
4 Bookman Kaden 23 McMullen Elizabeth
5 Bowie Aaliyah 24 Nail Livie
6 Brooks Zoe 25 Norton Austin
7 Carrizales Leonardo 26 O’Pry Madison
8 Cruz Jr. Ricardo 27 Ornelas Adolfo
9 Davila Xavier 28 Reed Shelbi
10 Davis Jr. Gary 29 Sherrill Tye
11 Dunn Kylah 30 Snell Jessica
12 Fields Caleb 31 Tally Liberti
13 Flores Miguel 32 Villanueva Fatima
14 Garvin Madison 33 Vincent Ethan
15 Gentzler Carlee 34 Vorana Belle
16 Gonzalez Yardley 35 Wallace Alexis
17 Greenlee Jason 36 Watson Alyssa
18 Haley Collin 37 Zanella Leonel
19 Harms Emily 38 Zaragoza Daniel
8th Grade Band
Students will report to 6th period band and be with us until the end of the day. We will not return until 4:00pm at the earliest. These students will need to arrange transportation for after school transport home.
8th Grade Band
1 Avant Jadin 20 Pedersen William
2 Barnett Haley 21 Perry Gracie
3 Becerra Joel 22 Pfister Damion
4 Cabrera Kimberly 23 Powell Amity
5 Cleary Spencer 24 Quezada Aaron
6 Franklin Elijah 25 Ramirez Violet
7 Galindo-Soto Juan 26 Randolph Amir
8 Gibbons Brayden 27 Rogers Yasmine
9 Hernandez Marlen 28 Salazar Nathan
10 Hull Andrew 29 Simon Jeremy
11 Jackson Tristan 30 Stevenson Hayden
12 Jones Constance 31 Strong Matison
13 Jones Joshua 32 Suarez Erik
14 Little Amelia 33 Tackett Elijah
15 Mcdougald Haley 34 Thompson Deacon
16 Medellin Crystal 35 Vargas Vanessa
17 Morgan Jason 36 Weeks Landin
18 Murphy Ian 37 White Noelani
19 Oldenkamp Austin

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Ms. Delgado: natali.delgado@kempisd.org or Mr. Christy: marc.christy@kempisd.org

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