Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombone

Greetings New Band Parent!

We are looking forward to having your student as part of the 6th Grade Band Program! This year will be an exciting time in the life of your student. New thoughts, ideas, and expressions are around every corner. You can help your student receive the most out of their education experience with your continued support and encouragement of the arts. Your student’s participation in band has lifelong benefits. Numerous studies have shown that people who study and learn to play an instrument at an early age typically experience a higher quality of life. Below, I have listed a few statistics that might interest you:

• In a 1999 Columbia University study, students in the arts are found to be more cooperative with teachers and peers, more self-confident, and better able to express their ideas. These benefits exist across socioeconomic levels. .
The Arts Education Partnership, 1999

• College admissions officers continue to cite participation in music as an important factor in making admissions decisions. They claim that music participation demonstrates time management, creativity, expression, and open-mindedness. .
Carl Hartman, Arts May Improve Students’ Grades, The Associated Press, October, 1999

• The U.S. department of education recommends that middle/junior high school students take courses in the arts, stating “Many colleges view participation in the arts and music as a valuable experience that broadens students’ understanding and appreciation of the world around them. It is well known and widely recognized that the arts contribute significantly to children’s intellectual development”.
Getting ready for College early: A Handbook for Parents of Students in the Middle and Junior High School Years, U.S. Department of Education, 1997

There are a few different ways to acquire an instrument for your student. The safest and most popular way to begin your band experience is to rent/lease an instrument from a reputable music store. Lake City Music in Gun Barrel, Award Music in Terrell, American Band Instruments in Tyler, and McKay Music in Garland are a few music stores that we have had a positive experience with over the past several years. For your convenience this local music store will be able to help you the quickest:

Award Music
200 4th St # B
Terrell, TX 75160-3084
(972) 524-9995

These music stores can usually provide a variety of new and used instruments for a low monthly cost. The instruments you would rent/lease or buy from these stores are in good playing condition and ready for your student to begin playing without initial repair costs.

Another way to acquire an instrument might be from a family friend or relative. Ask around to see if anyone has an instrument that is not being used. You might be surprised to find that your great uncle Joe has a perfectly suitable trumpet or clarinet preserved in his closet that he would love to see revived and put to good use. Be prepared to have some repairs or cleaning done to this type of instrument. If not stored or cleaned properly, it could cause sickness if played or even handled. If you already have an instrument handy, please bring it by so that we can inspect it to see if there are any repairs that will be needed.

Finally, internet instrument sales may be an option for you. Please be aware that purchasing anything over the internet sight unseen is very risky and not highly recommended. Always stick with major recommended brands that include a warranty or some type of guarantee. Also, if the instrument is in used condition, plan on some repairs being needed once you receive the instrument.

The following is a list of approved brands to use while looking for the right instrument for your student. Please do not purchase any brands other than what is listed below without approval from one of the Kemp band directors.

• Flute – Yamaha, Jupiter, Pearl, Artley, Armstrong
• Clarinet – Buffet, Yamaha, Vito, Jupiter, LeBlanc, Selmer, Bundy, Noblet
• Saxophone – Yamaha, Keilwerth, Selmer, Conn, Jupiter, Vito, Cannonball
• Trumpet – Bach, Yamaha, Jupiter, King, Getzen, Olds
• Trombone – Bach, Yamaha, Jupiter, King, Conn, Getzen, Olds
• Percussion – We ask that all percussionists use the Vic Firth beginner keyboard and practice pad set. (Lone Star Percussion is a good place to start.) If you have a beginning percussion kit that you would like us to consider, please contact us.

I am very excited about the upcoming school year. Kemp has the fastest growing and one of the top band programs in 3A schools with over 300 students enrolled for the 2011-2012 school year. Along with our most recent UIL successes, the new fine arts facility, and ongoing support of our parents, boosters, school board, and administration, the Kemp band program is now a recognized entity in our region and in our state.

I know this is a lot of information to process and you probably have some questions. Please feel free to contact the band office at (903)498-1334 or (903)498-9234 and we will help you the best we can.

Changing lives together through the arts!

Marc Christy
Director of Bands

Carlos Saldaña
Asst. Director of Bands

Natali Delgado
Asst. Director of Bands

Denae Lee
Asst. Director of Bands


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